About Meg Stewart

Meg Stewart is a writer and coach. With nearly two decades experience, she founded Freelance Ladder to teach the basics of SEO, technology, and freelancing to writers and business creatives.

The intersection of writing, teaching, and technology is her sweet spot.

She’s written/ghostwritten hundreds of pieces, including several e-books. Meg was a regular bylined contributor for Survival Sullivan, Modern Survival Online, EveryDay Carry Experts, Freelance with Us, and ZeroHedge. You can view her client work here.

She’s been featured in Medium publications such as The Writing Cooperative, Data Driven Insights, Better Marketing, P.S. I Love You, The Startup, Middle Pause, Noteworthy, The Ninja Writers Pub, and her own publication, Freelance Ladder.

Meg currently offers private coaching to writers and business creatives who struggle with learning the technology needed to do business online. She also teaches tech, freelance writing, blogging and more for Ninja Writers, LLC, the best writing community on the planet.

Her current writing projects include a time travel novel, a fantasy trilogy, a series of freelance writing books, and a series of short stories called Where the Lost Things Go. The first in the short story series, Where Are My Pants?, is available on Amazon.

Connect with Meg Stewart @writewizard on Twitter, join the Freelance Ladder Facebook group. Freelance writers will want to subscribe to Market Mondays, her free weekly newsletter chock full of writing job links and other tips.

Meg has also been featured on Podcasts including:

The Wayward Writers Podcast, guest

STOMP Middle Pause podcast, Episode 5, guest

The Write Brain Podcast , cohost

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If you’d like to contact Meg, feel free to send an email.

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If you prefer phone, you can leave Meg a voicemail at (440) 721-8972. Please speak clearly and slowly. It will be transcribed and forwarded to her email.