Meg is the Founder of Freelance Filter teaches the basics of SEO, technology, and freelancing to writers and business creatives.

Freelance Filter was founded as the solution for writers and small business owners who struggle to learn the technology they need to do their business better online.

Meg’s sweet spot is where writing, technology, and teaching intersect.

She’s a writer, coach, and tech instructor as well as the Manager of Member Services for Ninja Writers LLC, a writing community of more than 500 writers from around the globe.


Ready to get your fiction or nonfiction book out into the world and just need to know how and where to start with marketing?

Are you a writer or small business owner who struggles with learning the technology you need to run your business online?

If you prefer one on one, I offer coaching services for writers and solopreneurs. Contact me for package pricing.


How to Identify Your Purpose

Focusing on your purpose makes a boring job more rewarding. Focusing on your purpose can help you find something about it to turn a not so fun job into something more rewarding. But only if you know what your purpose is. Here’s how I figured out my true purpose.


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